Payne & Comfort | Brand Content Creation

Meet Erin: Owner, lavender goddess and self care specialist of Payne & Comfort

"Payne & Comfort is a rad product brand dedicated to stress relief, self care and relaxation of the mind + body. These hot/cold therapy packs are made with natural materials including 100% cotton fabric, flaxseed, and dried lavender. They can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer for soothing natural healing.

I want to help others find that peace of mind and body that took me almost 30 years to discover. So heat up a socket sack, close your eyes, put your phone down and REST for a few minutes. The world (and this website) will still be here when you’re done." - Erin

She and I met as mutual makers so it was awesome doing a collab with her since I'm super down with her product and her brand. Ladies (and fellas is you're reading) take a moment once in awhile okay?

Scroll down to take a peek at some of loveliness. Trust me - you are going to wish you could smell this screen...but the next best thing is grabbing your own set at Payne & Comfort.